About me

Hi, I am passionate about programming which entails problem-solving and critical thinking. I love designing architectural structures and websites amongst other things. I attended Microverse, an online coding school, to master every aspect of skills a professional programmer should have, from technical skills ( Ruby on Rails, React, Javascript, HTML/CSS) to soft skills (Pair programming, Remote Working, Mentoring). Where I also worked part-time as a Technical Support Engineer and volunteered as a mentor. I am also an experienced Technology Program Facilitator at Kuva Africa, a nonprofit focused on igniting and enhancing leadership entrepreneurship skills and providing diverse platforms and opportunities for young girls in STEAM. I have a demonstrated history of working in Civic & Social Engagement Organizations and have proven myself to be a Leader, since when I was President of Association des Filles des Travaux Public (AFENSTP). I was able to inspire and motivate over 300 girls in engineering, encouraging them to find a balance in life between being a woman and an engineer. Being an activist and an advocate for the girl child in STEAM, and contributing to the 5th SDG, I have organized and led 10+ outreach programs in the past 2 years for young girls in my community. I have a Master's degree in Structural Civil Engineering from Public Works Yaounde, Cameroon. Commitment and consistency are some of the values pulling me through my career as a young girl in STEM. Problem-solving, critical thinking, effective communication, and teamwork are my greatest strengths.

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