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Empowerment Workshop Project

This is a real-world-like project based on an online website for a conference which was built following the design idea by Cindy Shin in Behance, but with a personalised content. The content presents a workshop organized by the Ladies Empowerment Organization every year to commemorate the world day of Women in Tech.


Ruby Linters, Rubocop

This is a code linter like Rubocop that trawls through your code files and finds problems. Naming cops check for naming issue of your code, such as method name etc. Metrics cops deal with properties of the source code that can be measured, such as class length etc. Layout cops inspect your code for consistent use of indentation.


Tic-Tac-Toe Game Project

This is a Tic Tac Toe game created using the programming language Ruby. The game works inside the console. Each number (1 to 9) corresponds to a position on the board. When one of the players reaches a win condition (3 consecutive symbols - X or O ) the game says who the winner is.


Architectural Styles Project

Ruby on Rails capstone based on lifestyle articles website. Design idea by Nelson Sakwa on Behance This is a real-world-like project, built with business specifications In this project, a simple website was built with models for user, section, article, and vote with ruby on rails.

Ruby on RailsRSpecHTML/CSS

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